More Results: Coverage We Quite Enjoyed

Here's a sampling of some of our favorite stories involving our clients.

• Saveur (PDF) • November 2012 • Cabernet Grill/Pedernales Cellars

Pedernales Cellars received special notice in this roundup of top Texas wines, and the Cabernet Grill's Ross Burtwell shared a recipe pairing with the winery's flagship Tempranillo.

• Houston Press• April 15, 2014 • Ross Burtwell, Cabernet Grill

The Houston Press, one of Texas' premier alternative weeklies, provided this positive review of Ross Burtwell's debut cookbook shortly after its official release.

• San Antonio Express-News • April 16, 2013 • Pedernales Cellars

This article was part of the media coverage on one of the Texas wine industry's milestone moments -- a Texas Viognier winning highest honors at a major French wine competition. (Specifically, in the heart of the very region where Viognier originated.)

• San Antonio Magazine • November 2013 • Center for Terrorism Law

Dr. Jeff Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law, is typically called on for his expertise in terrorism matters -- this San Antonio Magazine profile gave readers an opportunity to learn more about the terrorism law expert, and why he started the groundbreaking division of the St. Mary's Law School.

• Denver Post • September 21, 2009 • Center for Terrorism Law

Addicott's expertise is on display here, for a Denver Post article on a suspect charged in connection with a 2009 subway bombing plot in New York City.

• CNN • March 21, 2011 • Girlstart

Girlstart's executive director, Tamara Hudgins, was featured prominently in this 2011 CNN article exploring the role of women in technology -- an issue in which Girlstart continues to be heavily invested.

• KUHF-FM (NPR-Houston) • March 28, 2012 • Houston City Councilman Stephen Costello

This KUHF story explores the then-emerging issue of food deserts, focusing on neighborhoods in Houston that meet the definition, and Costello's proactive approach to address the issue.

• Tasty Touring • May 19, 2011 • Noble Pig (now Noble Sandwich Co.)

This story came from a tasting event we coordinated for Noble Pig -- written by one of our favorite Austin food bloggers -- when the restaurant was first beginning to gather its impressive accolades, moving from local to regional and even national recognition.

• Texas Tribune • December 9, 2009 • BizGreet

This multi-media story, reported by Elise Hu (now a technology reporter for National Public Radio), for the then-fledgling Texas Tribune, featured the Rick Perry for Governor campaign and its use of then-cutting edge technology to reach voters.